"a successful Transaction is one where both the seller and buyer make money."

James R. Scott, Founder

​Scott Real Estate Investments

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​​​​Our firm was founded in 1966 by James R. Scott as a commercial real estate brokerage and management company. It has evolved over the years eliminating all but brokerage services and is now a one of Washington's finest brokerage firms specializing in lodging.  We are committed to the idea that we are the agents in the transaction and the real valuation and buy/sell commitment is determined by the client.

Three key factors in our  success are:


We have real life experience in lodging and understand the  business.  We know  most Northwest markets and have the  savvy to properly value, sell and manage a transaction to a successful closing.  


We use sensible technology to create a broad market of potential buyers and sellers  

allowing rapid distribution of data. However,  we believe the real interest is generated by face to face meetings and careful explanation of each investment.


We manage the deal from start to finish with careful communication with the client.

The process between an executed purchase agreement and successful closing is littered with many obstacles.  We pride ourselves on our abilities to manage  the deal through these challenges on behalf of our clients.